End of Day 4
Wow! Today was a rush!

Started bright and early with the BYU Football team carrying in and hanging drywall.
Thank you so much guys, we really appreciate your help.

The job site is just craziness! It’s like an ant hill with little ants constantly coming in and out always working feverishly on top of one another. That’s what makes this experience so fun. It’s cool to see electricians, plumbers, dry wallers, contractors and volunteers all working together. Unforgettable!

And we have siding already! These guys are amazing!

Channel 5 did a great story today. To watch it go to this link:
Looking ahead, we still need the following:
-A Painting Crew (caulk and prep Friday night or paint sat morning at 7:00AM)
-Still need appliances
-Anyone that can help with tile tomorrow after 3pm

As far as the Kitchen home the family is cleaning out the master bedroom. We need to put a texture on the living room walls, and we remove the closets and do the wood flooring for both main room and master.

If you can help come on by 143 e 800 s in Orem!

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