Press Release

Jazz Bear Destruction Is “Criminal”
No One Pressing Charges as Bear Tears Down Home Make-Over House – Orem Monday at 7:00 AM
For Immediate Release: April 9, 2010
Contact: Tiffany Berg 801-380-0543 or Greg Adamson 801-722-5202
Hearing that the Kuester Family of Orem was getting a new home, the Utah Jazz Bear is getting destructive. Monday morning at 7:00 AM the Jazz Bear will take the first damaging swipes at the burned residence of the Kuester Family. But rather than his actions being seen as destructive, the Heart 2 Home Team applauds his efforts!
Within the following 2 hours the home will be crushed and hauled away so that a new basement can be dug and foundation poured in the same day.
The Kuester Family lost 9 year old Samantha to swine flu in 2009 and later that year had an electrical fire consume their home leaving them homeless with five remaining children.

The home will be revealed and gifted to the Kuester family at 6:00 PM on April 23rd. The Heart 2 Home Foundation is still looking for donations of appliances and landscaping.

Address of Kuester home 143 E. 800 South in Orem UT. Special parking for media vehicles.

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