Dream Big Heart 2 Home! Nothing we have ever done was easy! We put our whole hearts into each and every family that we’ve tried to help and it always ended up bigger and better than we planned or could have even imagined it! Let’s keep dreaming big! Never give up!

Help us reach our dream of winning a $30,000 donation from APX alarms. Follow this link:


push ‘click to start voting’ (you will have to ‘like’ this application first). Click on the green mountain region, scroll down until you find The Heart 2 Home Foundation and click ‘vote this charity.’ Make sure you publish so your friends will see this and hopefully vote with us as well.

Voting ends Saturday, August 21st so please vote once a day every day and tell your friends! We simply cannot do this without you! Please vote with us and together we can help other needy families! Thank you!

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