2 Year Old Girl Can’t Wait Another Day
Heart 2 Home Steps In To Help Family In Dire Need
For Immediate Release: August 31, 2010
Contact: Tiffany Berg 801-380-0543 or Greg Adamson 801-722-5202
As the evenings grow colder the Gleason family becomes more anxious. Cold weather means exposure to more germs. And more germs could hinder an already sick little girl.
Two-year old Presley Gleason became very ill from RSV last winter. The respiratory illness, combined with a neuromuscular condition have caused paralysis of her vocal cords, diaphram and degeneration of her muscles. Presley now has a gtube to feed her through her tummy, a trach and a ventilator attached at all times to breath for her 24/7. She has had back surgery, and is now also in a wheelchair. Her parents Mike and Mindy Gleason do breathing treatments 3-4 times a day, suctioning Presley with a machine to help her cough, as well as monitor her heart and oxygen levels at all times. But through it all little Presley smiles non-stop, blows bubbles, giggling and smiling all day long.
Because of their split-level home, the Gleasons must carry Presley and her ventilator, humidifier, oxygen, monitor, cough assist machine, suction machine, food pump and bag up and down based on the activities needed and space available.
Due to the dire needs of this precious little girl, Heart 2 Home will announce a very special time-sensitive home addition makeover to help this family through the cold months ahead. Our goal will to be add on to the existing home, creating a room on the main level that can accommodate a very special little girl.
We invite the media to join our team on Wednesday September 1st at 2:00 pm at the Gleason home as we surprise them with the announcement of a special addition makeover!

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