Tomorrow will wrap up one of the busiest craziest weeks in Heart 2 Home History! We will have completed the Gleasons home makeover, The Now I Can Clinic makeover and 4 mini makeovers. We have been spread around the county but we have accomplished amazing things, As with every project there is plenty of magic around!

As far as tonight and tomorrow I anticipate a lot of painting and cleaning up. Please come if you can.

Below is a schedule of tomorrows events, we are really excited to have Joshua Creek come and play our street party! After the Gleason reveal we will head out in a caravan and see each and every room, and meet the families of these awesome kids. We will end up at the Now I Can clinic for a reception and refreshments. Thanks to everyone who has made this such a great week!

Reveal Schedule:3:30-4:30 Open House- friends, neighbors, subs and volunteers

4:00 Street Party Joshua Creek

4:30 House on Lock Down for Final Prep

5:05 Gleason’s arrive

5:12 Reveal Live

Family and Team Members Media Only

6:00 Caravan to Sanft Home 3881 Little Rock Drive, Provo

6:20 Fox Home 1727 Moor Lane, Orem

6:45 Martin Home 1920 n. Main street, Orem

7:30 Juber Home Eagle Mt.

8:30 Now I Can Provo/ freedom Blvd


Wrap it up Party

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