A note from the Gleason Family

Today, this week, was amazing!! We luv u heart 2 home!!! Our home is beautiful!! Safe!!! And functional for Presley!! We appreciate EVERY volunteer, everyone that helped, every prayer said and love sent our way!!! We luv u all!!!! Neighbors, family, friends, h2h… We luv u!!! Thank u!!  This project was a miracle from the beginning, it changed our lives in more ways than our new home. The giving, the donation of time and money, hard work, all miracle after miracle! Taught us about giving back and looking for ways to bless… the lives of others. Thank u voters on fb and apx!!! Thank u neighbors! Thank u family!! Thank u friends and h2h team!!! Thank u stangers who came out to help though u didnt know us til now!! Thank u for prayers in behalf of our angel Presley who blesses our lives every day! Her smile keeps us going and I’m so glad to share her story because she is truly my little hero! Love u all!!! Thank u!!!!!                                                            -Mindy Gleason

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