Day 3

If you haven’t been to the home recently, there are a lot of changes!

Our new needs list:
– A handful of guys who can wheelbarrow concrete to the back yard. That starts at 1 pm today.
– Later tonight or tomorrow, we need a landscaper. The yard was nice once, but it’s trashed now so we’ll need to put in a sprinkler system. We could do it by hand if needed, but a landscaper with some tools will be very welcome. If you are a landscaper & have tools for this, please call Greg at 722-5202. The work could start tonight, but definitely by tomorrow.
– If we can’t find a landscaper, we may need to dig it by hand. The yard is small and the soil easy to dig. A group of manly men could bang it out pretty fast. If you’re a manly man, consider this a manly man alert – we might need you.

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