Get Involved in The Cancer Wellness Makeover

Heart 2 Home and Cancer Wellness House

Home Makeover June 8-12

Who is Cancer Wellness and what do they do?

They Support people living with cancer and their families in a home-like setting. 

Nearly every family in the Salt Lake Valley is affected by cancer in one way or another. While there are local healthcare providers ensuring quality cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, there continues to be an unmet need in the continuum of care for holistic and integrative socio-emotional survivorship and quality of life programming for the patient and their family. Cancer Wellness House actively pursues filling this need in our community.

Cancer Wellness House is 100% committed to ensuring that NO ONE faces cancer alone.  And they do it all for free!!!

Who is Heart 2 Home?

We are a team of volunteers organizing local communities, businesses, and sponsors, in gifting home renovations. No salaries are paid to officers or staff – all donations go directly to promotion. We are a part of Heart 2 Home not for any financial gain but simply to help within the community and to help a group or individual who cannot help themselves.  Heart 2 Home was started in 2004 with the dream of making one families Christmas a little brighter in down town Salt Lake. The first home was a complete renovation for a widowed mother with two dependent adult children. Since that time, Heart 2 Home has done over 20 home makeovers.  Ranging from complete home tear downs, bedroom makeovers, to creating wheel-chair accessible bathrooms.

Why the Makeover on the Cancer Wellness House?

Because the work they do is so amazing!  Everyone is effected with cancer.  They either know someone who has it or have had it themselves.  It is a problem and it sucks!  The people at Cancer Wellness are looking for solutions in coping, healing and surviving.  They do this out of two small historical homes in the avenues of Salt Lake City.

What Needs to Be Done?

Lots of stuff!  The homes have been in disrepair for years.  Some of the items we would like to fix are adding walls to separate therapy rooms, paint and decorate massage and acupuncture rooms, convert the bathroom to ADA compliance, remodel the Yoga and kids clubs, shape up the landscaping, electrical, plumbing and heating, and much more.

What is Our Plan?

Our plan like all Heart 2 Home projects is to get lots of people involved and to do miracles!  We are not asking anyone to take on the whole project.  If you can’t build a wall or fix a toilet that is ok because we need you to paint or landscape.  When lots of people get involved big things happen!  The home has been divided by rooms and areas.  We are asking families, businesses or individuals to take on projects and make it better than when you began.

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