Here we go again!

We are excited to announce 2 upcoming makeovers that will be done may 23rd through the 27th.  The Roberts makeover will be headed by Tiffany Berg and the Terry Makeover will be headed by Greg Adamson.
Let’s get to know these families!

Corey and Leisha Roberts have 3 children, two boys and a girl. The boys both have Duchesne Muscular Dystrophy. It is the most severe strain of the brutal disease. It strikes young people deteriorating the muscle and most do not live to their twenties. The two boys are both in wheelchairs and have to be physically picked up to transfer them from their wheel chair to shower chair. The task has become more difficult as the boys have got older and bigger. Their dad Corey has had back problems and their mom is tiny. It is a two person job to move the kids anywhere. Heart 2 Home will install and track system in the home to help get the boys from their bed to the bathroom. The system will allow mobility and give the parents back a break from lifting.

Heart 2 Home also has a few other surprises for the family to help the family.

Tentative Construction Schedule:
May 23-24- Room Demo, Mike McDonald is the contractor who will oversee the install of the tracking system. Heart 2 Home will have volunteers for him.

24-27 Heart 2 Home will have access to the boy’s rooms and the yard of the home

Katie Terry is a single mother of two children, Carter is 9, and Kindra is 7. They currently live in American Fork, Utah.
Nine years ago, Katie was in an auto accident that left her paralyzed from the hips down…and they discovered she was pregnant with Kindra.  It took some time learning how to “re-live” again, one day at a time, but she did it.  It was then that she realized in the ability within her disability and that she could be an example of dedication, commitment, endurance, and hard work. And doing it with a fun and positive attitude.

We wanted to get involved with Katie for a couple reasons. First she is a giver and gets involved in every project she can. She works hard and never complains. She lives in an older style home and one that is not conducive to being in a wheel chair. Her bathroom is tiny and every time she gets in the shower it a twenty minute ordeal to transfer from wheel chair to shower chair.

The goal in her home is to make it more wheel chair accessible, by improving the shower area and expanding areas within her home to make it better fit her.
Tentative Construction Schedule:
May 23-27- Demolition and remodel

Please let us know if you would like to get involved in these projects. We need everyone and we need alot of things.  To volunteer please go to and click ‘volunteer’

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