Sub 4 Santa 2016

What a special night! Thank you everyone who made this year’s Sub 4 Santa Possible!  Together, we were able to provide Christmas presents for 31 families!  We love being a part of this program every year.  They are such sweet families and are so grateful for the help.  Thank you to all the sponsors who donated to these families.  We have already recieved a letter from one of the single Mom’s who was given to.  She says,
“Please forward this to the group from the Heart 2 Home program that handled the event for tonight. I wanted to say THANK YOU to them for all their time and effort that went to ensuring that each of the families that attend the event tonight had a good Christmas for their families.
I honestly didn’t know how I would cover Christmas presents this year for my children (as my credit card had been maxed out just to survive monthly, and money has been so very tight.)
I was very surprised and shocked about how many things were in the box that was given to my children and I.  There was such love and caring, even in the wrapped packages, that were put so neatly and nicely in the big box that was given to us.  I know it was no small task to have to shop for all the families that were there, and on their wish lists.  There was sacrifices in precious time and the wallets of many (or the organization) to make this happen.
Thank you so much, for making this a wonderful Christmas for my children and I.  For lifting the burdens that weighs so many during this special season.  I just hope that I will be able to give and pay it forward one day… to be able to help other families who are struggling during the Christmas season- as you have done for mine.
God bless, and may your joys be full and your blessings abundant!”

Thank you again, to all who make Heart2Home work!  We COULD NOT do this without you!  Merry Christmas everyone!





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