Heart 2 Home has been nominated for a chance to win $250,000 from APX alarms. Here’s how it works:

1) Between now and June 12, 2010, Facebook users from across the country are invited to nominate local charities in their communities. Now that your organization has been nominated, other supporters can log on to www.facebook.com/apxalarm and endorse your charity. The top 15 charities from each region with the most endorsements proceed into the final voting phase. Supporters will able to nominate or endorse one charity in each region every day until the Nomination Phase ends on June 12th.

2) From June 14, 2010 through August 21, 2010, Facebook users will be able vote for their favorite charity from each region. They can return and vote up to once per day until the APX Givesback Project ends on August 21st.

3) On August 23, 2010, the winners will be announced! The charity receiving the most votes will be the overall winner and receive $100,000. In addition, the top charity in each region will also receive $30,000 each.

Heart 2 home needs your help. I swear it only takes a few minutes. Go to http://www.facebook.com/#!/apxalarm?v=app_121215224555298&ref=tsclick on vote, click on mountain region and endorse heart 2 home, all money will go to rebuilding homes in Utah

Please vote daily and tell all your friends.

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