Welcome Home Toone Family!

Today was amazing! It was an honor to do this project and give back to one family. The public outpouring of support hopefully shows our veterans how much they are loved by this community. We have not done a makeover like this before. We just met the Toone family two weeks ago! This was pulled together quickly. NBC News asked us to find a project for an upcoming newscast. We originally thought we would soundproof and paint and that would be it. As things progressed, more and and more people stepped forward and offered to help. And when people work on these projects they bring their absolute best. As one contractor said “If I am going to give, it is going to be the best!” We were so impressed at the willingness of everyone to help out a vet. Everything that was added was awesome and so many people gave so much. So to all who gave time or donated thank you. I know it had an effect on the Toone’s and the military community. We had a military chaplain visiting from Washington DC last night and he could not get over what our community can do when we put our mind to something! Also thanks to the Toone family for allowing and trusting us to come in your home and tear it apart! And having faith we would put it all back together. We hope you love your home and know how much everyone loves you! See you all on the next project! 












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